Optimizing Treatments for Poor Prognosis Patients Course


CooperSurgical Training Lab - Måløv, Denmark, 12th to 13th of March 2020

Course Type

2 days course - Intermediate to Advanced


Course Description

Participants will learn about the different treatment strategies that are available in the Clinic, the Andrology and the IVF lab, in order to increase the chance for a healthy pregnancy for Poor Prognosis Patients suffering from Recurrent implantation failure and recurrent miscarriage.


The course will be taught in English.



  • To learn about what defines a Poor-Prognosis Patient (PPP)
  • To learn about the specified ART treatment strategies for Poor-Prognosis patients
  • To learn about optimizing semen preparation and sperm selection techniques for PPPs
  • To learn how optimal support during the in vitro culture of the embryo can be achieved
  • To understand how genomic testing can help select of embryos for transfer for Poor-Prognosis patients
  • To learn about optimal embryo transfer strategies
  • To learn about the value of pregnancy monitoring for poor prognosis patients
  • To learn about the importance of psychological support for the Poor Prognosis Patient before, during and after their treatment

Target Audience

Gynecologists, Fertility specialists, Clinicians, Clinical embryologists, Lab technicians, Nurses, Counselors


In order to ensure the highest educational standard, the limit of 20 participants has been set for this course.



Course fee is EUR 500.


What’s included?


  • Attendance to lectures
  • Syllabus of the Course
  • Coaching Book ‘Verborgen Verlangen’ from Marijke Linssen
  • Lunches and refreshments
  • Certificate of attendance

What’s not included?


  • Transportation to and from Denmark
  • Accommodation
  • Cost for Visa application
  • Participants are advised to organise a personal travel insurance.

CooperSurgical / ORIGIO A/S - Knardrupvej 2 - 2760 - Måløv - +45 4679 0200  - TrainingLabDK@origio.com